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My name is Jill Lemen, and my wonderful husband’s name is Bruce.  We believe that everyone deserves to feel good about noshing.

I wasn’t always passionate about clean eating, but when my friend Sarah began her quest for healthy grab-and-go gluten-free snacks, I started doing my research.

Sarah and I go way back as friends.  In the late 90’s I found out that she had an accident while rock climbing in North Carolina.  As a result of her fall, she was paralyzed and now uses a wheelchair to get around.  A few years later, she was in need of a “helper”.  I was happy to sign up for the job, which has been a delightful addition to my life for the past several years.    Cooking, cleaning and shopping were the main things she needed help with, and this is where “Jillybars” began.

I wanted to create an organic fruit & nut bar that was deliciously rid of the refined sugar, preservatives and other toxins that weighs down our bodies.

Sarah raved about the result and said that other people would love them too. I started sharing bars with friends and family and she was right: They were a hit. NoshSense was born right here in my humble kitchen in Omaha, Nebraska.  Each bar is hand-cut and weighed, and made-with-Love!

You can purchase our products online or at these lovely retailers:

  • Clever Greens located at the Westroads Mall / Flagship Commons
  • Karma Koffee on 156th and Dodge Street Omaha
  • Seasonally at Omaha Farmers Market

NoshSense has become more than a bar; it’s my way of giving back to the community by helping people eat sensibly, treat their bodies well, and live happily. Nosh on!

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