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Hello friends, and welcome to NoshSense!
I am Jill Lemen and my amazing husband’s name is Bruce. “NoshSense” came from the Yiddish word “nosh” which means snack. It was a fun play on words when we discovered sensible Noshing! It’s our belief that when we make better choices (with food) we become that much better overall! We encourage people to invest in their health and feel amazing!

I wasn’t always passionate about clean eating, as a matter of fact, my go-to meals included Doritos and TV dinners throughout my childhood. I had my very first spinach salad in college (best thing about my college career!) When my friend Sarah began her quest for healthy grab-and-go gluten-free snacks I started doing my research. She had recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease and was looking for options, which were slim at the time.

Sarah and I go way back as friends.  In the late 90’s I found out that she had an accident while rock climbing in North Carolina.  As a result of her fall, she was paralyzed and now uses a wheelchair to get around.  A few years later, she was in need of a “helper”.  I was happy to sign up for the job, which was such a wonderful addition to my life as I learned so much from her about clean eating and taking care of ourselves. During this time I experimented with some recipes and came up with a fruit and nut bar (Apricot Cranberry) and Sarah LOVED it! I wrestled with the idea of starting a business after a few people really fell in love with the Apricot Cranberry gluten-free energy bar. I called them “Jillybars” and started selling them. About a year later, we changed our company name to NoshSense…sensible noshing!
We began creating different tasty flavors right in our own kitchen here in Omaha, Nebraska. Today we use a commercial kitchen but we still hand-cut and weigh each bar and make them with love!
Eating clean has become a lifestyle that leads to feeling better and doing better. We love encouraging others along the way!!

Currently, you can purchase our products online.

Please reach out to us if you’d like to see our healthy whole food bars in a local coffee shop:)

NoshSense has become more than a bar; it’s my way of giving back to the community by helping people eat sensibly, treat their bodies well, and live happily. Nosh on!

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