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Happy Holidays 2020!

Hello, friends!
It has been a wild ride this year, with ups, downs, and lots of sideways moves! We are still in business and thankfully so. It’s quite a small business we run, but that’s how we like it and it works for all of us. Our production is in full-gear as we crank out the Chocolate Peppermint Noshbars for the Holiday season. This flavor is well-loved and a healthy alternative to all of the sugary seasonal treats going around right now!
Our family has thankfully stayed healthy this year, as we have all been practicing social-distancing and wearing masks, taking all the healthy precautions that are needed. We hope you all stay healthy as well!
Some fun news: Our twins are both college graduates! Sophia graduated from Colorado State last December and has taken a position with a Montana ski resort, hoping to have some fun and improve her ski skills! Phillip graduated from UNO this past Spring and has since taken on a couple of new jobs…one with the local paper and another at a local TV Station… We are happy for our kids and their futures are looking bright:)

As you navigate through this pandemic, we hope you stay healthy and please remember to let us know if we can help with your healthy, tasty snacking choices. Order here online, and be sure to follow our Instagram (noshsensebars)
and Facebook accounts for updates.

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