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It’s December!!

Here at NoshSense we are excited to celebrate Christmas. It is a lovely time of year, with reminders of what’s really important to us, spending time with friends and family and experiencing the spirit of giving all around. We will give away some Noshbars to some very aware Noshfans, ones that happen to read emails… all the way to the end!… and via some facebook/instagram posts. If you are not following us, please do so! We started something called Tasty Tuesday. It’s a fun way to share recipes and ideas with our Noshfans. Some of the recipes call for Noshbars and some are just our occasional favorites!
Just a reminder: We have our Chocolate Peppermint bars available through the month of December. We ship all over the country and we will gift wrap your dozen if you let us know in the notes! Send your loved ones something delicious and energizing this year:)
We are also working on some business growth ideas, so stay-tuned! As we learn more we will let you know. Also, let us know if you have fun ideas, where you’d like to see Noshbars go… retail or otherwise!
Thanks for all you love, we send ours right back to you~
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Jill and Bruce Lemen

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