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Omaha Farmers Markets 2019 Season underway!

Hello friends!
We have lots of new Noshfans and we are excited for the new market season beginning! We had a very busy, successful and fun first market. We introduced lots of people to our tasty, healthy real whole food bars and completely ran out of samples. The weather was sensational and the market was packed!
As the season continues we will email you when we find out about our market dates and locations. Please remember if you don’t see us at the market and need anything, reach out! We can deliver in OMaha area for free:)
As before, Noshbars are available at Clever Greens at Westroads Flagship Commons… which, by the way, is a wonderful spot to grab a bite to eat! If you have not yet been, grab a date and go! (salads, tacos, ramen, sushi, burgers, coffee, beer…etc for choices)
We are also working with Fala’s Treasure and coffee house in Elkhorn! A delightful spot for coffee and gifts!
Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, I try to share healthy and fun recipes and ideas, encouragement and the like.
Have a happy Spring season!

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