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Spring into healthy snacks and feel great this season!

Springtime goes hand-in-hand with renewal, freshness and new beginnings. It is one of our passions at NoshSense to help you reboot your system and feel great!

As we enter the new growing season, the entire landscape of healthy eating comes to life. Farmers’ markets are a great way to add fresh and local foods to your daily diet. Our bodies crave “real” food. Without essential vitamins and minerals naturally found in fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins, we find ourselves reaching for some crazy, processed things that are packed with sugar! Many people don’t realize that the more sugar they eat, the more they will crave it; it is a vicious cycle. Sugar is just one form of carbohydrates that stimulate the release of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin, which effects many things including mood, digestion and appetite. We need it; but our bodies are happier when we get carbs in cleaner ways, with fruits, vegetables and grains.

By putting naturally sweetened foods on the menu, it’s easier to move away from processed sugar and increase energy to make us feel more productive and motivated. What better way to kick off a new season?

Please join us at the following events this season:
* April 11-12 The Omaha Health Expo at the CenturyLink downtown. Stop by our booth for free samples and Noshbars!
* April 25 The Village Grinder Coffee Shop in Countryside Village (84th & Pacific). We will have a samples and gift packs available at a discount price. Come see us, as well as shop the Village for 25% off most shops.
* May 2 The very first Farmers’ Market in downtown Omaha begins at 8am! If we will have a space we will announce it on Facebook and our website. See you soon…

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