Free local delivery in the Omaha metro area!

We have a Spring in our step!!

We are looking forward to the warm weather and fresh air coming our way!!
Spring is such a beautiful time of year here in Nebraska (wait for it!)… the flowers will start to bloom, the sun will come out and the days will get longer!

That being said, It’s time for the Health and Wellness Expo at the Omaha Baxter Arena! April 8-9 we will be there with lots of Noshbars by the dozens, six pack and individual bars (and samples, of course) just for you…bring a friend! We look forward to seeing you!
Following that event, we will be preparing once again for the Omaha Farmers Markets. We will be at both venues (Downtown Saturdays/Aksarben Sundays). With no set schedule, it is best to keep up with us on our Facebook page, and our Instragram (@noshsensebars) to see where we will be.

A quick update on my heart: In December I had a surgery to try and correct my heartbeat. As of now, it is still beating with extra beats, which may or may not be a bad thing. What we do know is I need to rest more often, and take care of myself even more. With many prayers and positive thoughts from others, I feel very encouraged moving forward, slowly. This has been a challenge and one that I have learned to actually appreciate. That may sound strange, but it has forced me to slow down, take breaks, and live more in the present moment.

Our summer schedule will most likely be every other weekend at the markets, with continued free local delivery in the Omaha area. Remember to find our Noshbars at Karma Koffee on 156th & Dodge St. as well as Westroads Clever Greens restaurant!

As usual, we are easily reached by email, phone or text. Let us know if there is any way we can better serve you!!

Peace, Love & Noshbars,

Jill and Bruce Lemen

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